1. The Translator provides services in accordance with the best practices of the industry, acting with all due diligence.
  2. The order is deemed to be accepted by the Translator when the Client has accepted the terms proposed by the Translator, and if a separate contract is drawn up, the order is deemed to be accepted upon the signing of the contract.
  3. The Client provides the Translator with the text to be translated in a paper or electronic form, specifying the expected time limit for translation and the type thereof (sworn or standard). In the event of the sworn translation the original documents should be delivered in a paper form and the Client should make an appointment.
  4. A standard page of translation contains 1800 characters, including spaces, counted in Microsoft Word by selecting Tools / Statistics. A page of sworn translation contains 1125 characters, including spaces, in compliance with the Regulation of the Minister of Justice on remuneration for services of sworn translators dated 24 January 2005 (Dz. U. 2005, No. 15, item 131). Sworn (certified) translations are priced on the basis of the number of characteristics in the translated document.
  5. The price of translation does not include extra editorial work (e.g. scanning, processing and preparing diagrams, graphs, tables, etc.) Standard translation shall be delivered to the Client in a paper or electronic form. Sworn translations, due to their specific nature, shall be delivered in a paper form only.
  6. Standard turnaround time for translation is 5 pages per day. The turnaround time does not include Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and the order or delivery days. A surcharge of 50% applies to express delivery (10-12 pages per day).
  7. If the Client cancels the order for translation when the Translator has already begun the work, the Client shall pay for the work done so far, however, the charge shall not be lower than 25% of the estimated charge agreed upon with the Client.
  8. The Translator shall keep confidential any and all information obtained in relation to the translation service.
  9. The prices provided in the price list are approximate only and they do not constitute an offer under the law. Each order is priced individually. No VAT registration. The bills are issued upon request. The prices are gross prices.
  10. The Translator reserves the right to refuse to perform a translation.